Hugg & Hall’s Rental Department Online Auction to Benefit Arkansas Children’s Foundation


I am excited to announce the launch of our inaugural Online Rental Equipment Auction Fundraiser benefiting Arkansas Children’s Foundation! I would like to personally invite each of you to participate in this statewide fundraiser to better our communities and children. Over the course of the next three months, we’ll host an online auction featuring rental equipment items up for bid.

The kick-off auction will begin on Wednesday, March 7, and run over the next several months. The first items up for bid include: a 60’ boom-lift, an E35 mini excavator and a 26’ electric scissor-lift. All items will be auctioned for one-month rental increments, which can be used at any date, chosen by bid winners, anytime in 2018.

When different rental equipment pieces in the following months become available for bid, the details will be communicated via social media and/or emails. In order to participate in the auction, simply email with the details of your bid. Please include which piece of equipment you’re interested in, your bid and your contact information. Our Client Engagement Team will monitor bids and post updates on our social media platforms.

Winners will be notified by the Rental Sales Representative in your territory and payment can be made directly to Arkansas Children’s Foundation.

The starting bids for our current items (60’ boom-lift, E35 mini excavator, 26’ electric scissor-lift) are as listed:

60’ boom lift- $735/month

E35 mini-excavator- $612/month

2632 electric scissor-lift- $210/month

For more information, find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter or please reach out to me or my colleague, Sarah White ( ). Join us in our excitement of this Online Rental Equipment Auction Fundraiser to support Arkansas Children’s Foundation!

Thank you,

Brian Robinson Regional Rental Sales Manager



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