Reduce Emissions with Skylocker: Powered by Hugg & Hall

Are you ready for a revolutionized rental experience? Meet Skylocker!

Image of Skylocker and scissor lift. Skylocker is a green equipment locker with a roll-up door in front to access the equipment.

What is Skylocker? 

Skylocker is a solar-powered equipment locker. It’s designed to store and charge your most frequently used equipment, like scissor lifts and pallet jacks. 

Skylocker isn’t just convenient. It also helps reduce emissions and save you money! Read on to see why Skylocker is a great choice for your business. 

Skylocker is efficient.

Once delivered, Skylocker stays on-site and fits in the space of a traditional parking spot. No more worrying about getting equipment delivered before a big job: Skylocker cuts the uncertainty by always being available. 

Once you check out the equipment, you can use it for up to 8 hours before returning it to the Skylocker to charge. 

Skylocker is economical. 

You’ll save money with Skylocker, because you’ll only pay for the equipment when it’s actually being used.

With traditional rental, you’re on the hook for the cost until you return the equipment. With Skylocker, never worry about needing to return a rental too early again! 

Skylocker is easy-to-use.

Skylocker was designed specifically to make your job easier. Each Skylocker features an easy-access ramp, interior LED lighting, and slip resistant flooring. The equipment is always charged and ready for your jobsite or warehouse. 

Downloading the app allows you to check out equipment whenever you need. Curious how the app works? Learn more with this infographic. →

Skylocker is environmentally friendly.

Worried about meeting new sustainability goals? Curious what impact the Washington Clean Fuel Act will have on the construction industry at large? Indications seem to point to sustainability regulations becoming the new normal across the industry.

With Skylocker, you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll meet those goals and reduce your emissions. Skylocker’s revolutionary design accomplishes them for you. 

Skylocker saves up to 8,000 pounds of carbon emissions every year. Keeping the equipment on-site eliminates all transportation emissions aside from initial delivery and final pick-up. 

The high-capacity, solar-powered batteries in Skylocker store renewable energy and charge electric equipment without using power from the grid. You’ll save over 800 hours of traditional charging and reduce your fuel footprint. 

One of the best things about Skylocker? Its solar-powered batteries stay online and maintain a charge even when the power goes out. 

Skylocker is the future of equipment rental. 

Skylocker’s eco-friendly and cost-saving design solves your facilities management or jobsite challenges. Contact us to get Skylocker onsite today

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