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Employee Spotlight: Stevie Walls

Employee Spotlight: Stevie Walls

Meet Stevie Walls, Field Service Coordinator in Little Rock, AR!

Stevie’s Experiences at Hugg & Hall

Stevie joined Hugg & Hall 10 years ago and started in our Parts warehouse.

As Field Service Coordinator, he handles the preventative maintenance (PM) scheduling for the entire Little Rock branch. “Daily, I communicate with our PM techs, making sure they have work orders open, their schedules are flowing as smoothly as possible, and helping them solve pop-up situations that were out of their control.”

Since starting with Hugg & Hall, Stevie has loved the “family vibe” that he experiences. “I honestly feel close enough to my coworkers that I see an aunt, an uncle, or a cousin in each of them. That’s exactly how I treat my coworkers: as family. Hugg & Hall is home for me.” 

The family vibes started early for Stevie. He’s had many experiences where he can laugh with his coworkers. His favorite memory of working at Hugg & Hall was a few years ago, working with Gary Payne and Steve Hefner.

“We had to go out to the yard to break down crates, and one of those days happened to be hot enough to give a wasp an attitude! Hefner went to lift a crate and wasps came flying out, ready to sting anything moving.

“Hefner took off on the forklift like it was a rocket and didn’t say one word to Gary or me. Once we finally noticed what happened, Gary and I both stumbled over each other trying to get away!

“It wasn’t funny at the moment, but now I look back and laugh. Gary showed me that age didn’t mean a thing. He was moving just as fast as I was!”

Outside of Work

Stevie has always called the Little Rock area home, and he now lives in Saline county. He loves the stable, calm environment and enjoys being a bit outside of the big city. In his free time, you can find him fishing for catfish and driving around in his Mustang. 

Stevie says spending time with his family is his favorite thing to do. “I love watching my son develop his own personality. Kids truly do say the darndest things! With him and my wife, pure comedy is all I can call it. Being around my love bugs, there’s never a dull moment.” 

We love to hear our employees’ favorite quotes. Stevie’s is “When you’re done complaining, the problem will still exist.” Our team has seen firsthand that Stevie lives this: he is always a problem-solver, not a complainer. We’re so grateful to have Stevie on our team! 


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