How To Get The Most Out Of Your Attachments This Winter

Attachments, for skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders and more, are a popular and effective feature of many construction and rental fleets. With winter upon us, we’ve decided to assemble a list of helpful information and tips to keep in mind while choosing the correct winter attachments for your next project and maintaining your existing attachments effectively.

Attachments can help with winter-related tasks and safety precautionary procedures such as: spreading salt mixtures, breaking ice, snowplowing, piling snow and much more. There are several attachments that can be used for ice and snow management.

First off, it may be beneficial to note the more common winter-related attachments. Below, find the common cold weather attachments and their frequent functions.

  • Spreader– The spreader attachment is ideal for spreading salt or anti-ice elements to roads and parking lots. A spreader is also an excellent option for clearing snow and ice.
  • V-blade– The V-blade attachment was created specifically for plowing and pushing deep snowfall. V-blades are versatile attachments and feature five blade configurations.
  • Snow bucket– The snow bucket is ideal for handling and moving great quantities of snow.
  • Scraper– The scraper is a self-sharpening attachment which is ideal for scraping snow, ice and more by getting under the elements and scraping with ease.
  • Snow pusher– Snow pushers feature a free-floating blade which is ideal for removing snow and ice on uneven surfaces without harming the surfaces/surroundings.
  • Snow blade– A slow blade is an attachment specifically for removing light and moderate snowfall. It’s a great option for removing snow from roads, parking lots and more.
  • Snowblower– The snowblower attachment, self-explanatorily, can blow and throw heavy snowfall with ease. The malleable chute allows the operator to direct snow in the prefered direction.
  • Angle broom– An angle broom is used for sweeping sidewalks, parking lots and more. It’s optimal for sweeping light snowfall, dust and more.

These attachments are beneficial for more than snow/ice removal and winter-related projects. In fact, many of these attachments can be used year-round. Other uses in which some attachments are ideal include: weed/overgrowth removal, trench construction and more. We’ve assembled a list of tips to consider to get the most out of your attachments.

Consider Obstacles

While operating machinery and utilizing attachments, obstacles which may impede the project or could create damage should be considered. The surrounding area should be taken into account as rocks and debris can be hidden under snow and ice and can be thrown. Consider pushing or loading snow in a bucket, when near buildings and vehicles, before blowing or sweeping snow.

Take Advantage Of Your Options

When snow and ice recede, attachments can be used for other uses. Take advantage of your options and consider using your attachments for other activities. Snow pushers can also push tall greenery, snow blowers can spread mulch, spreaders can distribute fertilizer and more. To make the most out of your attachments, consider all possible uses and determine the ways you can utilize your attachments without damaging the equipment or surroundings.

Remember Preventative Maintenance

Remember to remove ice from joints and any chains on your attachments. Furthermore, make sure to consider the recommended maintenance requirements for your parts/machinery to prevent damage and to fend off wear and tear. We have covered the important factors to consider when winterizing equipment in a prior article published on our website.

Other Factors To Consider

Consider all the factors of your project before proceeding with operation. Some attachments are better for open areas versus areas which require significant maneuvering and vice versa. Take each factor into consideration to make the best decision for your project/task.

You can improve the adaptability of your machine by choosing the correct attachment. Having significant knowledge and understanding of your project, and the equipment in use, are the most important components in order to get the most out of your attachments this winter, and year-round.

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