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How to Perform Preventative Maintenance on Loading Docks

How to Perform Preventative Maintenance on Loading Docks

Hugg & Hall Equipment Company Dock & Door Division TruckIf you have dock & door equipment, we’ve got two questions for you: 

  1. How often do you perform preventative maintenance on your loading docks and doors?
  2. Did you know? As of March 2023, a new, high-end dock leveler costs around $25,000 to purchase and install. 

To save money, your facility’s dock equipment needs to be repaired and inspected regularly to ensure it lasts as long as possible. 

Beyond the monetary cost, equipment that hasn’t been regularly serviced can cause employee injuries and even fatalities. 

Your team can handle some inspections and preventative maintenance, but it’s also important to know when to call the pros. 


How to keep your dock operating smoothly: 

Loading dock preventative maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult, and you don’t have to run your equipment to the point of failure. Your team can perform easy daily checks. 


1. Lubricate the components

By lubricating the pivot joints and hinge tubes, you can prevent them from breaking down. Look for rusted, orange-colored areas or slow-moving components. 

You should oil dock levelers every three months. 


2. Keep everything clean

Because dock & door components are located in high-traffic areas, they’re pretty much guaranteed to pick up dirt and debris. Dirt slows movement and corrodes the joints of dock equipment.


3. Check fluid levels (if applicable)

Certain elements of dock & door components, like hydraulic dock levelers, will have hydraulic and other fluid levels that need to be checked regularly.

Inspect fluid levels every month to avoid an expensive equipment breakdown. 


4. Test the functionality of your equipmentA Hugg & Hall dock & door technician performing preventative maintenance.

On a daily basis, you should check how your dock leveler is working without the distraction of a truck. Check for the following issues, and call a certified technician immediately if you notice them. 

  • Decreased speeds when raising or lowering the platform
  • Not reaching maximum height
  • Not level when lowered 
  • Not attaching properly to a trailer (a.k.a. trailer creep)


5. Be proactive with repairs

If you only perform reactive maintenance, you’ll usually have to pay more for a technician to fix it. Fixing broken equipment also means more downtime than regular preventative maintenance.


6. Invest in quality equipment

One of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your dock working properly is to purchase high-quality equipment.

Hugg & Hall’s parts team sells dock seals and shelters, edge of dock levelers, dock plates, dock lifts, and more. Contact our parts team or shop our catalog today! 


When to call a dock & door technician: 

A Hugg & Hall dock & door technician performing preventative maintenance.

For a complete preventative maintenance check, you may need to contact a dock & door service technician. They check far more than most employees have time or know-how to check.

You should also get on a preventative maintenance schedule with a certified dock & door technician. 

Download our Dock & Door PM Checklist to see what Hugg & Hall technicians check during a regular PM service. 


Need additional help with your loading dock or doors? Contact Hugg & Hall today

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